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Crime Prevention Mission Statement

It is the Mission of the Columbia Police Departments Crime Prevention Unit to help reduce crime and, more importantly, to reduce the fear of crime in all communities, both business and residential, in the City of Columbia. This will be accomplished through various pro-active Crime Prevention strategies, techniques and programs working closely with all citizens throughout the city. 


What is Crime Prevention?

The ultimate goal of crime prevention is to reduce the risk of becoming a victim. By understanding and applying the Crime Prevention Triangle, the chances of being a victim can be reduced. Removing the Opportunity, the Ability and/or the Desire for a criminal to commit a crime can make a difference. Successful crime prevention efforts will promote a safer community by enhancing the perception of safety while reducing the fear of crime.


Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program enlisting the active participation of residents in cooperation with the Columbia Police Department to reduce crime and the fear of crime in their communities. It involves neighbors getting to know each other to develop a program of mutual assistance. It involves neighbors being educated in crime reporting and suspect identification techniques. Finally, it involves neighbors using crime prevention strategies as tools to reduce crime in their communities.


Security Surveys and Assessments

We offer FREE Security Surveys for all businesses and residences in the City of Columbia.  Upon your request, we will send one of our experienced Crime Prevention Officers out to conduct the survey. We look for target hardening, natural surveillance, territorial enforcement and access control measures and provide you with helpful suggestion to reduce crime at your home or place of business.

Jurisdictional Rights Sign
If you are interested in having a sign made and posted in your neighborhood you will need to
complete the attached Letter of Jurisdictional Rights form and forward it to Crime Prevention.

1.  Letter of Rights Jurisdictional Rights Form - Download
2.  Email the completed form to Crime Prevention - Email

Crime Prevention Contacts





Lt R. Felder



If you are interested in any of our FREE Awareness Programs, a FREE Security Survey or joining a Neighborhood Watch give our Crime Prevention Unit a call at 803-545-3555.


Home  Tips

Business Safety Tips

Programs (See Below)


While enforcement is an important facet to crime fighting, the Columbia Police Department offers FREE public awareness programs to help in this effort as well.  Each program can be tailored to your specific need.  They typically are 30-45 minutes in duration with time for questions and answers.  To schedule a program email your request to


Business Safety and Awareness Related



Armed Robbery Prevention

Prevention measures against commercial armed robberies

Workplace Safety

Overview of safety in the workplace for employees and managers

Loss Prevention

Prevention measures against shoplifting, employee theft, etc.

Home SafetyCrime Prevention by Design

Ways to reduce crime by changing the physical environment.





Our Services, Your Community

An overview of the services that the Columbia Police Department provides and community safety measures.

Personal Safety

Personal safety measures and self defense methods.

Internet Safety

Methods of protecting yourself and family while in Cyberspace.

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol and common drugs; their effects and usage.

Traffic Safety

Ways to safeguard you and your family while driving.

Identity Theft

Protecting you personal information.

Home Safety

Keeping your family and property safe.

Scams, Cons & Fraud

What to look our for, if a so-called deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

Senior Safety

Measures for protecting our aging community.

Teen Safety

The influences teens face and how to prevent them from leading to crimes.

Officer Friendly

Provides opportunity for Pre-Kindergarten - 3rd Grade children to learn about law enforcement, while fostering supportive attitudes towards Police Officers.

McGruff the Crime Dog

McGruff is widely recognized as the nation's crime prevention symbol.  He appears at events, parades and other opportunities to spread his Crime Prevention Message.

Crime Prevention by Design

Ways to reduce crime by changing the physical environment.


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