The Computer Liaison is the first point of contact between the department and the City of Columbia Computer Services. Handling requests in this manner reduces the chance of miscommunication and duplicate entries. It enables Information Technology consultants to better prioritize requests.

MS Access Programing

  • Consults with department staff in analyzing existing and proposed data processing procedures and requirements
  • Recommends designs and develops application solutions for software development requests or issues for the CPD. Examples include:
    • Traffic Collision Tracking and Analysis
    • Gang Activity
    • Crime Analysis
    • Personnel/Management System
    • New Recruits Tracking System
    • Internal Affairs Early Intervention System
    • Profiling Database System, (Traffic Tickets)
    • Randomizer, (selects random employees for different tasks)
    • CPD Project Tracking System
    • Taxi Inspection Tracking Data System
    • NPLEX, (Pseudoephedrine) Purchase Tracking System
    • Calls for Service
  • Provides end user support for new programs and coordinates and trains personnel to meet support requirements/maintenance for the system
  • Plans and develops testing strategies that includes preparing test data, conducting program testing, and debugging/troubleshooting
  • Maintains and enhances existing systems