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Special Events Application Checklist

The checklist below is provided as a roadmap for hosting an event in the City of Columbia.

Beer and Wine Sales/Consumption

  • Legal Department for Resolution Application
    Required for the sale/consumption of alcohol on city property (i.e. streets, sidewalks or parks)
    Contact: Jennifer Hendrix
    803-545-4242 | [email protected]
  • Department for Resolution – ABL 100 Application forTemporary Event Permit
    Required to sell/serve beer and wine


Event Signage Requirements

  • Event Organizer is responsible for posting the followingsignage at the entry points of the event site:
    • COVID-19 Guidelines sign for mask requirements, socialdistancing and hand sanitizing.
    • “No Concealed Weapons” sign that complies with the size andformatting requirements of section 23-31-235 of the SouthCarolina Code.
    • “No Open Carry” sign
  • Event Organizer is responsible for ensuring that health andsafety requirements are followed. Non-compliance may resultin the event being closed. See examples below:

CFD Special Event Application

Parking Meter Bagging Request

  • Parking Services
    Required for bagging meters located at the event
    Contact: Richard Pickney
    803-545-0287 | [email protected]

Power  Supply

  • Traffic Engineering Division
    Required for power tobe supplied at the event.
    Contact: Leonard Freeman
    803-545-3820 | [email protected]

Event Location Request

  • Parks and RecreationDepartment
    Required for events hosted in city parks or recreation centers.
    Contact: Pearl Osborne
    803-545-3100 | [email protected]

Road Closure Request

  • SC Department of Transportation
    A letter will be provided by CPD pending approval.

Neighborhood and Business Notification

  • Notification of the event is required for neighborhood(s) and businesses directly impacted by the event.
    Contact CPD Special Events for most up-to-date Neighborhood/Business information

Trash/Recycling Receptacles Request

  • Solid Waste Division
    Required for trash and recyle receptacles to be located at the event.
    Contact: Samantha Yager
    803-545-3803 | [email protected]

Contact the following staff members from the Columbia Police Department Special Events Office regarding any questions or concerns:


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