This page will explain to you what Petit Larceny is, and will help you determine if you should use our online reporting system to file a report.

What is Petit Larceny?

Petit Larceny is the larceny of any goods, money, or property having a value of less than $2000.

Examples of Petit Larceny

  • Someone steals a chair from your front porch.
  • Someone steals your purse from your shopping cart while you are in the grocery store.
  • Someone steals your lawnmower from your yard.

When to not use the online report

Do not use the online reporting system for Petit Larceny if the theft amount is greater than $2000. Please call (803) 252-2911 and have an officer respond to you.

If you feel your incident fits in the Petit Larceny category, please use the follow tips when completing your report:

When filling out the incident report, there will be a number of information fields and options. Only fields marked with a * are required; however, the other fields may help us if we need to contact you.

What to write in the Incident Description section

When completing the incident description section, remember that the keys to a good description are accuracy and brevity. Include what happened, where it happened, when it happened, how it happened, and who did it (if applicable). Do not include opinions or information that is not related to the incident. Below is an example of how an incident description should be written for a petit larceny report:

“Between the listed date and times, an unknown person(s) removed a concrete bird bath, valued at $125, from the front yard of the incident location.”

If the stolen item has a serial number, please include it in the report if possible.

If the stolen items contained any personally identifying information (such as names, dates of birth, social security numbers, etc.), you should monitor your credit report and Department of Motor Vehicles record to ensure you do not become a victim of identity theft. We have provided the internet addresses and telephone numbers of the three credit bureaus, as well as the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, to assist you.