The Columbia Police Department’s North Region encompasses neighborhoods that include:

Earlewood, Eau Claire Community Council, Elmwood Park, Bethel Bishop, Hyatt Park/Kennan Terrace, and The Greenview Community.

The North Region consists of 5 squads that work a 12.5 hour shift rotating every 28 days. This ensures coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The North Region has a regional Community Response Team (CRT). This team works flexible shifts based on crime trends to best serve the citizens of the North Region. The authorized strength for North Region is 69 officers.

The North Region Commander, Captain Chris White, has served with the Columbia Police Department for 20 years.

Address: 3905 Ensor Avenue, Columbia, SC 29203
Contact: (803) 401-8811 | [email protected]

Map of North Region