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RISK Program

Youth Diversion Program

Operation R.I.S.K. (Rescuing Inner City Students and Kids) is a proactive and educational youth program that is designed to help deter youths 11-16 from criminal behavior or association. The goal of Operation R.I.S.K. is to educate youth on the importance of making right decisions, and the potential consequences they can face as a result. This program also gives parents an effective alternative in helping their child become responsible and productive members of society.

Operation R.I.S.K. participants will undergo an overnight session in which they will experience firsthand an incarceration type setting. They will then be offered the proper resources and aid through CPD, community partners, and youth organizations dedicated to their success. Participants will be under the watchful care and supervision of experienced Columbia Police Department officers and staff. After the program is complete, constant contact will be kept with participants and their families to further aid in their overall development.

Application Process

  • Fill out the Operation R.I.S.K application which includes an Information/Liability form. Please be thorough in answering all the questions so we can better help your child.
  • You will be contacted by a representative of the Columbia Police Department to discuss the issues with your child via phone or face to face (child not present).
  • If your child is admitted into the program, you will be given a date, time, and location, to bring your child to the session. You must be prompt and on time or your child will relinquish their reserved session spot.
  • Parents or guardians must attend a mandatory two hour session at the beginning of Phase 1, and one hour after Phase 1 of the program is complete. Your child will not be allowed to participate if this is not done. 
  • A good contact number must be provided to the Operation R.I.S.K. liaison officer in case of emergencies.

Candidates for the Operation R.I.S.K. Program will be chosen on a first come and as needed basis. Participants will be selected based on the totality of circumstances and issues that is surrounding a potential candidate. A maximum number of fifteen participants will be allowed during one session.

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