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Our Core Values


We will conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with the law enforcement code of conduct, national law enforcement standards and the expectations of our community.


We are committed to the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct.  Furthermore, we are accountable to each other and to the citizens we serve.  We believe integrity is the basis of trust between supervisors and staff, and between the Department and citizens.


We promote mutual acceptance and inclusion of all.

Service Orientation

We will improve the quality of life of those we serve through reducing fear and enhancing public safety.


We are committed to the fair and equitable treatment of all citizens as fundamentals to the delivery of professional police service.


We will remain courageous both physically and morally in all our duties.


We believe that cooperation and teamwork will enable us to combine our diverse backgrounds, skills and style with the capacities of others to achieve common goals.


We understand that effective and open communication at all levels is the cornerstone of a progressive organization.  We value honest and constructive discussions of ideas, decisions and performances that help accomplish the goals of the Department.

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