The City of Columbia Police Department’s Telephone Response Unit (TRU) is located within the main headquarters building at #1 Justice Square in Columbia, South Carolina.  TRU’s primary purpose is to assist citizens on a personal and professional basis.  The TRU operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides essential services to our communities.  The objective of TRU is that each citizen receives the most attentive and personal service possible.

The TRU offers many services to the public.  Immediately upon entering the Police Department, citizens shall be greeted by the TRU staff.  TRU staff is responsible for, answering all phone calls, relaying calls/messages to the departmental staff, assisting officers as necessary, providing customer service to citizens, taking police reports, serving as the NCIC point of contact, maintaining/tracking/validating criminal warrants and courtesy summons, tracking property checks, providing on-call staff notifications, serve as back up to Columbia-Richland 911/311 Communications Center.

TRU staff is a team of highly trained professionals who facilitate communication between citizens and the appropriate law enforcement services.  The Telephone Response Unit is responsible for assisting officers on the road with requests for contact with investigators, crime scene specialists, and other operations throughout the department.  Citizens can also request that special property checks be made on their residences through this office.

Contact TRU

(803) 545-3500