It is the responsibility of the Crime Prevention Unit to form and maintain partnerships between the department and the community, promote communication between the community and the department by holding meetings with members of the community.

The Crime Prevention Unit ensures that the needs of the community are met by launching projects such as robbery prevention programs that ensure citizens that if they become a victim of a crime, they are aware of information that will be needed to assist in the reporting and ultimately the apprehension of perpetrators of those crimes.  We work closely with the community to ensure problems are solved jointly by preventing crime by means of a pro-active approach.  Officers work in partnership with the local community to deal with crime issues in the community.  We achieve the goals of the Crime Prevention Unit and police department and are responsible for compiling and maintaining a profile of a region or area of patrol; identifying the causes of crime in the department’s jurisdiction; identifying the need for crime prevention operations/projects; developing and coordinating those projects; and attending community meetings.

Listed below are programs that the Crime Prevention Unit offers to the citizens of Columbia free of charge:

Burglary Assessment

Commercial Armed Robbery Assessment

Fraud Awareness

Personal Safety

Officer Friendly

McGruff the Crime Dog Program

Fan The Heat

National Night Out Kick Off