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Planning & Research Unit

The Planning and Research Unit is a component of the Administrative Services Bureau. The Unit is responsible for research and preparation of complex reports and projects involving inter-Departmental issues and intergovernmental topics. The Planning, Research Unit manages awarded grants and works collaboratively with various City departments and/or external agencies. The Analyst produces prepares and submits reports requested by the City Council and other citywide entities through the Chief of Police.

The Planning, Research Unit coordinates the planning process for evaluating the current and future resource needs of the Columbia Police Department.

The Planning and Research Unit reviews proposed, pending and current legislation. Legislation is reviewed to evaluate its impact on the Columbia Police Department, the City of Columbia and the community. The review of proposed, pending and current legislation is necessary to determine potential impact on the Department, the City and the community. Pending legislation having a significant fiscal or operational impact receives a detailed analysis and recommendation for “support, non-support or no position.” This information is forwarded to the Chief of Police and City Council.

The Planning and Research Unit provides the CPD with timely and advantageous information regarding grant announcements, grant writing assistance, grant preparation, annexation impact statements, police beat mapping, and forms management. In addition, the Analyst provides any other law enforcement planning services as the need arises.

Managers, staff and officers rely on planning and research activities to provide quality data, information, resources for decision making to improve organizational functions through proactive, efficient and effective delivery of services.

The Planning, Research and Grant Unit manages the following tasks:

Planning, Research and Evaluation
  • Create, develop and implement department-wide strategic plans
  • Research and develop various local, state and nation-wide programs
  • Edit and revise departmental documents and publications
  • Prepare in-depth research on a variety of subject areas
  • Serve as the central reporting unit for grant applications
  • Research and monitor on a regular basis available grants using a variety of grant locator resources, and alert appropriate CPD personnel and community stakeholders when a potentially useful grant opportunity is found
  • Monitor the implementation of grant-funded projects to ensure compliance with grant requirements.
Forms Management
  • Issue, approve and modify all forms within the Columbia Police Department
  • Catalogue all department forms
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