2016 Annual Report

The Annual Report highlights some of the Department’s noteworthy accomplishments throughout the year and documents our progress in meeting the goals and objectives outlined in our five-year strategic plan.
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2016 Internal Affairs Report

We understand that every interaction a Columbia Police Officer has with a member of the public, whether through an enforcement action or community engagement, is an opportunity to build trust and legitimacy, enhance the reputation of the police department and increase citizen satisfaction with the services we provide. The Office of Professional Standard’s Internal Affairs Unit produces an annual report to inform citizens about incidents of officer-involved shootings, use of force, vehicle pursuits, officer-involved collisions and complaints of misconduct. The report provides a complete overview of our internal affairs activities along with supporting data and information. 
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2015-2019 Strategic Plan Progress

The purpose of the Columbia Police Department (CPD) 2015-2019 Strategic Plan Progress Report report is to demonstrate ways in which the Strategic Plan is being put into action throughout the Columbia Police Department and our City. The Department’s Strategic Plan was developed in collaboration with CPD staff, city government officials and members of our community. The original plan, which provided strategic direction and focus on short and long-term goals, can be found here. The plan continues to serve as our roadmap to the future.
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21st Century Policing ~ City of Columbia’s Implementation Plan

In December 2014, President Obama issued an Executive Order establishing the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. The Columbia Police Department (CPD) has begun a detailed review of the Task Force Report and Recommendations. In order to support a comprehensive approach to reduce crime and build trust and legitimacy, implementation of the recommendations must come as a result of collaboration between city government officials, the Columbia Police Department and the community. The Columbia Police Department’s Citizen Advisory Council (CAC), which is comprised of representatives from relevant constituent groups, will serve as the mechanism for collaborative implementation. The purpose of this document is to provide stakeholders (City of Columbia officials, the Columbia Police Department’s CAC, and members of the community) with the current status of implementation efforts and start the collaborative assessment of additional recommendations to be addressed.

2015–2019 CPD Strategic Plan

The goals and strategies outlined herein will provide the direction and support for the necessary growth and advancement of the Columbia Police Department. While we have recently implemented a few of the outlined strategies, others are slated to begin in the near future. As our capacity increases over the next five years, we expect to implement the remaining strategies in partnership with the City of Columbia and our community stakeholders.

Law Enforcement Interaction Guidelines

As part of our efforts to facilitate safety in the City of Columbia, it occasionally becomes necessary for police officers to stop members of the public and ask for information. Being stopped by an officer does not mean you are a suspect of a crime.

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