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Identity Theft

What is Identity Theft?

Identity Theft is when an individual uses another person’s identifying information to obtain credit, goods, or services under false pretenses.

Examples of Identity Theft

  • A person obtains a credit card using your name.
  • A person obtains utilities, in your name for a location, you do not live at or own.

Helpful Tips

  • Protect your social security number and only give it out when required by law.
  • No bank, auction site or other business should send you an email asking you to enter credit card information, passwords, social security numbers or other personal information. Often these fake emails will contain links to pages that look real but are not. If you suspect you are being directed to a fake site please go to the actual home web site of the company and inform them of what has happened.
  • Avoid mail theft by obtaining a locked mailbox and dropping off outgoing mail at the local post office or postal mailbox.
  • Do not give out your personal information or credit card number over the phone unless you initiated the call.
  • Shred credit card offers and bank statements before you throw them away if you do not plan on using them.
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