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Patrol Bureau

The Patrol Bureau consists of five patrol regions and the Code Enforcement Division.

Patrol Regions
The primary objective of Patrol Regions is to provide prompt professional service to the City of Columbia’s residents and visitors. Working cooperatively with the communities they serve, the Patrol Operations strives to prevent crime and reduce the fear of crime by utilizing problem solving partnerships. Maintaining a 24 hour a day /seven day a week presence, the Patrol Operations is the most visible and recognizable part of the department.

Code Enforcement Division
The Code Enforcement Division enforces a variety of local quality of life ordinances related to all properties in the city of Columbia. This is done to ensure a healthy and safe environment in order to provide a high quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors. In addition, the city has adopted the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) as a standard to follow for property maintenance enforcement.

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