Front Porch Roll Call FAQ’s


Q: What is Front Porch Roll Call?

A: The Porch Roll Call program consists of hosting a squad’s pre-shift roll call in the front   yard of a home in the area patrolled by that squad and shift.


Q: What is the goal of Front Porch Roll Call?

A: The goal of Front Porch Roll Call is building better relationships between officers and the community. Meetings give officers an opportunity to build relationships, affect changes when necessary and develop trust within the community by simply having an open conversation.


Q: What happens during Front Porch Roll Call?

A: Officers will be present to answer questions about community concerns, insight on current crime trends and engage with residents. In addition, supervisors inspect uniforms and equipment before giving out patrol assignments and answering any last-minute questions.


Q: How can you be selected to host a Front Porch Roll Call?

A: Complete the Front Porch Roll Call contact card below. The information will be forwarded to the appropriate region for review.

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