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The South Carolina General Assembly established the Victims Bill of Rights to safeguard and preserve victims’ rights to justice and due process. The Columbia Police Department uses a victim focused method of ensuring that the victims of crime are assisted through both the judicial process and the recovery process.

Since its establishment, Victim Services has provided support, information and assistance to victims and the witnesses as the criminal cases of the offender is processed through the criminal justice system. There are a variety of services available to meet the specific needs of the victim, review the list below:

  • Provide emotional and moral support to victims of crimes during the time immediately following the crime to their appearance in the court room as witnesses
  • Advise the victim of a crime of their rights according to law
  • Respond to serious incidents and provide crisis intervention support when applicable
  • Serve as the liaison between victims, police officers, investigators and the various victim support agencies
  • Assist the victim in obtaining professional counseling or support groups
  • Provide training for law enforcement, judges and the local community on the role of Victim Advocates
  • Provide education to law enforcement, judges and crime victim of the new laws enacted to assist victims of crime
  • Provide and assist the victim with filing applications for various compensation funds provided through the Governor’s Office of Victim Assistance (funds may help with medical expenses, lost wages, counseling expenses and funeral expenses)
  • Assist the prosecution with preparing the victim for court. We also provide court advocacy and accompaniment during trial
  • Coordinate with investigators and officers to ensure the information regarding current status of cases is provided to the victim
  • Provide affirmative assistance to victims by transporting them to court, emergency shelter and guiding them through the Protection Order / Restraining Order process
  • Participate in a variety of community programs and outreach efforts in an effort to educate others on the services offered to become an integrated part of our community

For questions or concerns about the program, please contact:

Victim Services
Columbia Police Department
1 Justice Square, Columbia, SC 29201
Office: 803-545-3503
Main: 803-545-3500 (available 24 hours)


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