Pedestrian Safety

By December 3, 2018 Press Releases

The Columbia Police Department’s (CPD) Traffic Safety Unit (TSU) offers reminders for pedestrians regarding safety while traveling throughout Columbia.

Within the past week, there have been two pedestrians seriously injured during collisions.

The first occurred on the night of November 27 at the 1100 block of Columbia College Drive which caused the female victim to suffer from broken bones and internal injuries. Since the incident, medical personnel tells CPD that the pedestrian is listed in stable condition.

The second incident happened Saturday night (December 1) at the 5400 block of Forest Drive. The male pedestrian remains in critical condition with severe head trauma.

While both incidents remain under investigation, preliminary information indicates that both pedestrians were wearing dark-colored clothing and were under the influence of alcohol when they were unlawfully in the roadway.

To prevent similar incidents, the TSU offers these pedestrian safety tips:

  • Pedestrians should utilize sidewalks and crosswalks where available.
  • Where sidewalks are not available, pedestrians should walk to the furthest left side of the roadway walking against traffic.
  • Pedestrians should wear visible clothing in the day and retro-reflective clothing at night.
  • Pedestrians crossing the roadway should avoid distractions such as cell phone

Download the Pedestrian Safety brochure from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and view the Driver Safety Street Smart Tips.

To learn more about the CPD Traffic Safety Unit, visit