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CPD Officer Terminated in Criminal Sexual Conduct Investigation

Columbia Police Chief W.H. ‘Skip’ Holbrook announces that a CPD officer has been terminated following today’s arrest by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED).

The termination of Keith Williamson was the direct result of a violation of CPD’s Policy and Procedure’s General Order Section 03.03 Disciplinary Procedures 7.4.26 Conduct Unbecoming a Departmental Employee, an Improper Conduct Offense.

The section states, ‘No employee of the department, while in uniform or identified as a representative of the Department, shall engage in any conduct or activity which would reasonably be construed as bringing disrepute upon the City of Columbia Police Department or the profession of law enforcement as a while.’

In October 2021, CPD’s Office of Professional Standards initially received a complaint regarding a criminal allegation against Williamson and immediately referred the matter to the SLED for an investigation.

Parallel to the SLED investigation, CPD conducted an administrative investigation through the Internal Affairs Department (IA). Williamson was then placed on investigatory suspension pending the outcome of the SLED investigation.

Williamson was hired by the City of Columbia in March 2010. His most recent assignment was a Sergeant in Metro Region.

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