This page will explain to you what Malicious Injury to Real Property is, and will help you determine if you should use our online reporting system to file a report.

What is Malicious Injury To Real Property?

Mailcious Injury to Real Property is is willful and malicious cutting, mutilating, defacing, or otherwise injuring a tree, house, outside fence, or fixture of another.

What is the difference between Malicious Injury To Real Property and Malicious Injury to Personal Property?
This can best be described as fixed property vs moveable property. Real property would be considered property that is fixed, such as your house, a tree in your yard, or a fence. Personal property would be considered property that you can easily move around, such as your car, television, or furniture.

Examples of Malicious Injury to Real Property

  • A person throws a rock through the window of your house.
  • A person poisons a tree in your yard, causing it to die.

When to not use the online report

Do not use the online reporting system for Malicious Injury to Real Property if the property that was damaged is moveable, such as a car, television, or furniture. If it is a fixed object, then complete the Malicious Injury to Personal Property report.

If you feel your incident fits in the Malicious Injury to Real Property category, please use the follow tips when completing your report:

When filling out the incident report, there will be a number of information fields and options. Only fields marked with a * are required; however, the other fields may help us if we need to contact you.

What to write in the Incident Description section

When completing the incident description section, remember that the keys to a good description are accuracy and brevity. Include what happened, where it happened, when it happened, how it happened, and who did it (if applicable). Do not include opinions or information that is not related to the incident. Below is an example of how an incident description should be written for a malicious injury to report property report:

“Between the listed date and times, a white male, approximately 7 years old was throwing rocks at the house at the listed location. A rock struck the pane of the window, located on the northwest side of the residence, causing it to break. The juvenile then ran towards Tyler St.”