The Code Enforcement Division enforces the City’s property maintenance codes (International Property Maintenance Code and City Ordinances) for the nearly 45,000 residential and commercial properties in the City of Columbia. Generally a property owner and/or tenant will receive a notice of violation from this office notifying them of the nature of violation, how to correct it, and a timeline for correction. The timeline for correction varies depending on the type and severity of the violation.  Generally people are given 30 days to correct most housing/structural violations and 10 days to correct most premise violations. Violations under the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) can be appealed within 20 days of notice.  Enforcement can be broken down into 5 category types. These are Residential Structures (1 and 2 family), Yard, Vacant Lot, Right-of-Way, and Commercial Structures (businesses and multi-family structures of 3 units or more).