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Environmental Health

The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing the health ordinances of the City of Columbia. In addition, the division is responsible for larviciding low and swampy areas and poisoning rodents in sewer mains throughout the city. Below are a few common nuisances related to Environmental Health.

Dog Yards

When requests are received about the cleaning of dog yards, the inspectors will investigate the request. For valid requests, notices will be issued to property owners to clean the area on a daily basis.

Litter Control and Overgrowth

The response to a request for service is done with courtesy and professionalism. In many instances a notice will be issued. If a notice is not abated in a given time frame, the City has the option of issuing a citation, cleaning and cutting the lot or both. If the problem is still not corrected, the Sanitarian can issue a warrant for the person in violation to appear in court.

Septic Tanks

It is unlawful for any person owning property within the city to maintain or use a septic tank where a public sewer is accessible for connection. However, the use of septic tanks in existence prior to the availability of a public sewer are permitted until such time as a repair is necessary, the septic tank is malfunctioning, or needs to be pumped at which time a connection to city sewer where available is mandatory.


Whenever there is a complaint, the inspector will investigate the validity of the complaint. If warranted, the inspector will then issue a notice allowing property owners or tenants a chance to correct the problem with broken service lines or water coming out above the ground within time frames set by City codes or the seriousness of the problem.

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