CPD’s Code Enforcement Unit Catches Illegal Dumper with New Surveillance Cameras

Piles of illegally-dumped landscaping debris was discovered at the Columbia Development Corporation property located at 1900 block of Wiley Street thanks to new surveillance cameras installed by the Columbia Police Department’s Code Enforcement Unit.

The footage obtained showed material being actively dumped at the site and led to the positive identification of the vehicle being used. The vehicle is registered to Jarvis F. Johnson (DOB: 07-03-81), who was charged on March 1 with 9 counts of Unlawful Disposal.

“Through a generous grant from Palmetto Pride and the South Carolina Litter Control Association, we were able to purchase high quality, mobile surveillance cameras,” said Chief Code Enforcement Officer Richard Blackmon. “Code Enforcement installed cameras at known dump sites throughout the city, which are monitored daily to identify potential offenders.”

The Code Enforcement Unit was awarded the 2017 Enforcement Grant in the amount of $2,867 from Palmetto Pride. The grant provides funding to SC Litter Control Association and law enforcement agencies for the purchase of necessary equipment and training needed to assist with the enforcement of litter laws.